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Volvo and Winfast EV reviews, Fisker update, Three-row Toyota EV: The week in reverse

Which company announced a greener replacement tire for the Tesla Model 3? Which upcoming EV models will be delayed due to software issues? Here’s our look at Rivers Week in Rivers – for the week ending May 12, 2023. In a drive review of the 2024 Volvo XC40 Recharge and Volvo C40 Recharge, we sampled the Volvo’s rear-end shift. All-wheel drive for the first time in decades—including benefits that include greater range and efficiency, as well as a better driving experience. 2023 Vinfast VF 8 City Edition Green Car Reports also drove the Vinfast VF 8 this week, a year after a brief spin on the track in prototype form. After some significant road time in the delivery-ready City Edition version, the VF 8 remains half-baked and riddled with issues. Fisker announced a “hard core” off-road package for the Ocean Electric SUV, called the Force E. The brownie version was dropped on the same day that Fisker announced some reality checks about its timeline and business—cutting its 2023 target from 50,000 vehicles to 32,000. -36,000 vehicles, and delaying its Pear EV until 2025. It came in addition to news that the company has now begun ocean deliveries to Europe, six months after contract manufacturer Magna began production in Austria, with homologation issues being blamed for the delay. Fisker Ocean Force E Volvo teased a mix of leading-edge and traditional design in a small electric SUV called the EX30. It is set to be announced on June 7, and US reservations will open on the same day. As part of the annual financial roundup, Toyota’s new CEO announced plans to launch ten new EVs “mainly in the United States and China” by 2026, including a three-row electric SUV. He also teased the profile of the future flagship EV. The first US deliveries of the Polystar 3 and Volvo EX90 may be delayed due to a software-related issue related to the models’ shared platform, the companies confirmed Thursday. Under the adjusted timeline, both will arrive during 2024, as will the Polestar 4 which is unaffected by the issue. 2024 Polestar 3 Should tire and aftermarket service chains focus on EVs? Right now, no one does, and according to the results of survey giant JD Power, they could gain some business from doing so from EVs’ higher tire replacement needs. The bolt-on “plug and play” kit claims to build a fully electric Classic Mini for less than $20,000 — not counting the cost of the donor car or installation. It only offers an estimated 80 miles of range, but it could potentially turn more heads than the new Mini Cooper SE. Rimac, the company known for electric supercars and Propulsion Smart, is using its know-how in an energy-storage business called Rimac Energy. It already claims to have developed a battery architecture that reduces efficiency losses by 50% and reduces the footprint by 40%. 2023 Tesla Model 3 Goodyear is greening its replacement tires for the Tesla Model 3 — with the carbon black sourced not through combustion but through a process using renewable electricity and methane. High-performance ElectricDrive GT tires help with road noise, and the special formulation is currently only offered in Model 3 sizes. And friends, family, or have you tried to find an EV in stock to drive and buy? A nationwide study of the electric vehicle shopping experience from the Sierra Club, following the format of previous studies dating back to 2016, shows that dealerships are no longer the primary location for EV adoption. It’s the automakers themselves, who aren’t supplying as many EVs as the dealerships want. _______________________________________ Follow Green Car Reports on Facebook and Twitter

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