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TytoCare receives FDA 510(k) for wheeze detection software

Virtual basic utility company TytoCare received FDA 510(k) clearance for clinical decision support software that analyzes lung sounds for possible wheezing.

Tyto Insights for Wheeze Detection uses TytoCare’s stethoscope to evaluate lung sounds and identify recordings indicative of wheezing in adults and children 2 years and older. It prompts a doctor if wheezing is suspected.

The software received a European CE mark last year.

“Our Tyto Insight capabilities, including our wheeze detection algorithm, support our goal of improving the virtual care experience for all patients, clinicians, providers and health plans – not only by improving the quality of care and expanding our ability to manage chronic conditions, but also by We continue to support clinicians and specialists in making informed and accurate diagnoses remotely,” said Dedi Gilad, CEO and co-founder of TytoCare, in a statement. “At TytoCare, we have the world’s largest database of lung and heart sounds and related sounds associated symptoms and vital signs, and we will continue to use them to provide excellent quality of care to families worldwide.”


Founded in 2012, TytoCare provides virtual care with a connected device that allows clinicians to perform remote exams, including ear, ear and skin exams. According to the FDA databasethe company has received four FDA 510(k) clearances. It received its first 510(k) green light for its digital stethoscope in 2016.

TytoCare recently added $50 million for the Series D raise in 2021, bringing the round to a total of $100 million. At the time, the company was planning to use the funds to expand further into the US, Europe and Asia.

There are a number of virtual care and digital health companies that want to offer Primary care, including efforts by retail and pharmacy companies to expand in this area. Amazon recently completed the purchase of primary care provider One Medical, while CVS signed a deal to purchase Oak Street Health, a primary care provider that targets the Medicare population. CVS also recently invested in Carbon Health, a primary and emergency care company.

Although basic services are connected with better health and improved Healthcare access and experiencefewer adults had an identified general practitioner in 2015 compared to 2002.

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