Tokyo Toni shades Blac Chyna and reverses her cosmetic procedures: “Oh we’re so proud of her!” -Dlight News

Tokyo Toni shades Blac Chyna and reverses her cosmetic procedures:

Tokyo Toni continues to publicly lash out at her daughter Blac Chyna, and her latest dig is tied to the 34-year-old’s recent revelation about her plastic surgery journey!

Tokyo Toni mocked the support her daughter received

Earlier this week, Blac Chyna told fans she recently reversed her cosmetic procedures, removing facial fillers and undergoing breast and butt reduction.

Chyna, whose government name is Angela White, received a spate of online support after revealing her decision on social media. However, Tokyo Toni apparently didn’t think Blac Chyna deserved the support she received.

In an uploaded video Instagram On Friday morning, Tokyo took to mocking people who championed Chyna’s decision to remove “butt shots out.” [her] Face.”

“‘Blac Chyna, that’s so cute [that] You’re shooting your butt out of your face!’ B***h… what? Really? ‘Oh, we’re so proud of her for doing this!’”

The brief upload was wrapped with Tokyo’s proclamation: “You’re all a bunch of clowns.”

Blac Chyna recently addressed her mother’s “hurtful” actions

Speaking of Tokyo Toni’s relationship with her daughter, we should add that Blac Chyna recently revealed that she has chosen to love her mother from afar in response to her online antics, as The Shade Room previously reported.

After realizing her mother’s block, Blac Chyna remarked, “The only thing I can do as a daughter is honestly just love her.” She also shared that she prays for Tokyo Toni, naming hers “hurtful” antics.

We should also add that on such an antics, Tokyo accused her daughter of being in the Illuminati, and she even said that she fears being “sentenced to death” with Chyna.

Tokyo didn’t stop there, however, when she announced that she was “scared to death of [Blac Chyna]’ and stated that she was certain her daughter ‘would make a sacrifice [her] for more.”

What do you think of Tokyo Toni’s recent comments about Blac Chyna, and overall what do you think of their mother-daughter relationship?

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