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These money and investment tips can help you clear a path through the market debris

Don’t miss these top money and investing features: Sign up here to get MarketWatch’s best mutual funds and ETF stories emailed to you weekly! Investment News & Trends Social Security is in trouble — how do you fix it? A new app from the American Academy of Actuaries allows you to explore approaches to overcoming the Social Security actuarial deficit. Read More March Madness for REITs? Here are the ‘final four’ for investors seeking dividend income. Analysts at Jefferies expect this real-estate investment trust to grow payouts through 2025. Can their outperformance survive amid concerns in the banking sector? Exchange-traded funds that invest in shares of homebuilders have outperformed the S&P 500 so far this year, with the iShares US Home Construction ETF up nearly 13%. Read More If spoiled bank stocks look attractive now, these buying tips can help you cash in. These are good reasons to invest in reverse. Read More Stock market volatility has triggered a new sell signal this week until a new high exceeds a new low on the NYSE. Read more Bend the market like Buffett: Stop checking your stock portfolio — especially on your phone — and you’ll make more money. Mark Hulbert writes that the more you look, the more likely it is to invest in lottery-type stocks. Read more Buffett loves cash dividends and here’s why you should too – plus 8 stocks with higher yields to get you started. Michael Brush writes that dividend-paying stocks are consistent, defensive and tend to outperform over time. Read More Stocks likely to rebound to their 2022 lows, but SVB’s failure or banking crisis won’t. These 3 major market areas are not strong enough to indicate that the bear market is over. Read More Stock investors still believe the selloff will spark a strong market rally Short-term stock-market timers haven’t thrown in the towel just yet. Read more 10 US banks that have been the best earners over the past 15 years – are any of them bargain stocks now? These banks have given the best overall returns on thick and thin properties. Read More Tax-loss harvesting allows you to retain more of your market leverage. Here are smart strategies for 3 types of investors. What to look for if your investing style is to do it yourself, rely on technology or seek professional advice. Read More Wall Street always has a story to tell, and the best investors know to expect plot twists. Being an investor is like joining a book club that constantly criticizes the stock market. Read More With job layoffs on the rise, financial advisors are seeing out-of-work clients need help managing emotions as well as money. Step back, listen, and let people express their feelings. That’s when the layoff begins. read more

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