Texas mother accused of abandoning children for two months and making ‘social media posts’ about them smiles at arrest Photo, accused -Dlight News

Texas mother accused of abandoning children for two months and making 'social media posts' about them smiles at arrest Photo, accused

A Texas mother identified as Raven YatesShe, 31, is accused of abandoning her children from September 2022 to November 2022 before her children’s father reported her to the police. Yates reportedly went on the run soon after – but not without sharing posts about the allegations on social media.

Police arrested Yates March 8 in Alabama. She appears undisturbed and is smiling in the arrest photo shared by the Roman Forest Police Department.

The mother reportedly even asked for lipstick to be put on before she was tied up, Chief Carlisle said KTRK.

“She was photographed in handcuffs with a big smile on her face and didn’t seem to care about the charges against her for allegedly putting her own children in danger,” Carlisle said. “I don’t know if she acted or whatever, but I think she acted for the camera. She wanted a smile. She wanted to look good. The arresting officer reportedly said she asked to put on lipstick before the photo was taken.”

Yates now faces two counts of “abandoned child with no intention of returning.”

Dad claims Raven Yates left kids home alone for two months

Accordingly PEOPLERaven Yates is accused of abandoning her 12-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son on September 28, 2022. The 12-year-old’s father told authorities on November 14 that the children had been left alone after his daughter kept asking him to “send food regularly.”

The Roman forest police explains more in a press release.

“The father had been informed that his child’s mother had been seen in Mobile, Alabama, without her children and found that they were home alone because he had been asked by his daughter to send groceries regularly.”

The 12-year-old’s father has reportedly flown in from California to continue checking on the children.

31-year-old mother has responded to police social media posts looking for her

Police began searching for the 31-year-old mother but kept information about her search secret, Roman Forest Police Chief Stephen Carlisle said PEOPLE.

However, when authorities were unable to locate Yates, they shared the news about the investigation on social media. According to Carlisle, the case caught the attention of many, including Yates himself.

The Roman Forest Police Department said Yates was “actively making social media posts about the situation.” Carlisle further explained the statement, referring to Yates as a “person who likes the attention.”

“She saw it, just like we imagined, and then she started actively posting on social media because she’s that kind of person who likes the attention.”

During the time away from her children, Yates posted numerous videos and photos on her Instagram account. One contained a Video by Yates making fun of her name being in the news. Another showed her enjoying others extravagances while their children were reportedly left alone.

In one postHowever, Yates appeared to deny the allegations against her, claiming that she minds her own business and knows “the truth.”

Police claim Yates’ social media posts were direct responses to their investigation

Some of Yates, according to Police Chief Carlisle posts on social media were made in direct response to the authorities’ investigation.

“She saw me on TV saying that the closets were empty when we came in [the home where the children were found], so she started responding by posting pictures of cupboards with food in them, leaving plenty of food when she left. But being away for so long, it’s too long, the food supply will disappear.”

The posts were shared and recorded in February one where Yates was seen with her children. However, Carlisle explained that these posts were old and the children were staying with the family at the time.

“She wasn’t with them. Those were older pictures. We know where the kids were. The children were with family members.”

In addition, Carlisle stated that Yates never denied abandoning her children.

“But she never denied that she left the kids alone, but she did start posting pictures of her with the kids and honestly I think she enjoyed the attention.”

Arrest and extradition of Raven Yates

The Texas mother was arrested March 8 at an apartment complex in Mobile, Alabama, according to a press release from the Roman Forest Police Department.

It appeared she had stayed there with a male friend, police said.

Yates has been charged with two counts of “abandoning a child with no intention of returning,” according to the press release. It’s unclear whether Yates hired an attorney to speak on her behalf or filed a plea.

Additionally, the 31-year-old is now awaiting extradition back to Montgomery County, Texas. However, it is reportedly unclear how long this process will take.

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