Tamar Braxton and Jeremy Robinson are engaged, now his ex accuses Braxton of “drama and chaos”. -Dlight News

Tamar Braxton and Jeremy Robinson are engaged, now his ex accuses Braxton of

Tamar Braxton is now fiancee! The singer is officially engaged to a lawyer Jeremy “JR” Robinson. Unfortunately, at least one of Jeremy’s ex and four of his children’s mothers aren’t happy about the engagement news — especially because of Tamar, as she revealed.

The pair first sparked dating rumors in August after they appeared hand in hand for his 46th birthday.

entertainment tonight confirmed the engagement news, adding that the couple is in the “planning phase.” Robinson reportedly pitched Braxton for a reality show in the closing moments of the season finale. royal courtsaid to the singer:

“I don’t want to be your friend. i want to be your husband I’m here forever because I can’t see my life without you,” Jeremy told Braxton. “And I love you, Tamar. Tamar, will you marry me?”

Tamar Braxton says Jeremy’s kids mean ‘everything’ to her, his ex disagrees

Today she celebrates her birthday and also thanked the man on Instagram “Who sits [a] cheesy smile” On your face. In the post, she also addressed conversations about her blended family.

Braxton wrote:

“It took me a while to realize that healthy, traditional love is the kind I wanted and needed. We have 6 children together and they mean EVERYTHING to me. So miss me with he has 4 baby mamas!! thank god for them. We are blessed and drama free thank god for my best friend, life partner and fiancee @rarebreednola, the happiest birthday ever for me.

After Tamar’s mail circulated, Anaston Jeni, Jeremy’s ex and co-parent posted a lengthy gossip back at Tamar’s “blessed and drama-free” claim. Jeni said she sat “in silence for over a year” and respected people’s privacy, while hers was allegedly flouted by Tamar.

Anaston wrote:

“I sat in silence while this person walked into my son’s life and caused nothing but chaos and unnecessary drama. While I won’t talk about my son’s other siblings and what kind of relationship their father or this woman has with them. Let me be clear to everyone who knows me and everyone who knows you. This woman is in no way a bonus or stepmother to my son. My son isn’t “everything” to her and she didn’t thank God for me and frankly neither of his baby mamas. She has said demeaning, disrespectful and rude things about how I chose to co-parent my son’s father and the efforts I made to keep him involved.”

The ex added that Tamar didn’t try to get to know her “as a wife or a mother”. She also claimed Tamar interfered in the relationship between Jeremy and his son by causing him “Miss visiting weekends and birthdays.”

In her captionAnaston said she’s never been a “bitter baby mama” or an opportunist.

“But people who know me both on social media and in real life know I’ve never been one of those things. I’ve worked hard for everything I have and none of it was given to me by my son’s father. I have supported him while he lived his life to the fullest and have never made derogatory or defamatory comments about him on social media. I will not benefit financially or socially from any of this becoming public. I don’t want to be famous or popular,” Jeni wrote.

Tamar and Jeremy have not responded to their claims. Congratulations to the couple on their engagement!

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