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NBA YoungBoy Grants Less House Arrest Restrictions in Utah (Update)

Although NBA YoungBoy remains under house arrest, a judge has reportedly decided to lift two of his restrictions.

AllHipHop was the first to release the update following Wednesday’s (March 15) ruling. According to court records, Judge Shelly Dick adjusted conditions 18 and 19 within the rapper’s supervised release.

Regarding condition 18, YoungBoy, real name Kentrell GauldenAt his home on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, he can now welcome more than three visitors at a time.

Adjusting condition 19 allows these visitors to stay at the rapper’s house at all times. Previously, YoungBoy was limited to receiving guests only between 7am and 9pm.

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Judge Dick signed the latest judgment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The adjustments come more than a year after the same judge first imposed the restrictions in October 2021. It was then that he received permission to live in Utah while serving his sentence. Up until then, YB had been in a Louisiana jail cell for most of the year.

The LAPD and FBI arrested him in March 2021 after he fled officers during an attempted traffic stop under a federal order. After a brief chase, YB stopped the vehicle and decided to flee on foot. The pursuit, both by vehicle and on foot, lasted from about 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. local time. He has been charged as a criminal in possession of two unregistered firearms, a Masterpiece Arms 9mm and a Glock Model 21 .45 caliber pistol, per Rolling Stone.

The warrant was related to a September 2020 incident in Baton Rouge. Police were called to an abandoned property believed to be YB’s grandfather’s home where YoungBoy was filming a music video. Police had received a report of people brandishing firearms on the property.

Accordingly Complex, officers found Marijuana and hydrocodone while searching three of seven cars at the scene. After receiving a judge’s approval, they searched the remaining four vehicles — and discovered more weed, digital scales, Xanax, and multiple guns and rifles. Police also found seven other guns on a nearby lawn. In addition, several people were carrying large amounts of cash, including YB, who was reportedly carrying $47,000. On September 28, 2020, officers arrested YoungBoy and seventeen others for drug and firearm possession.

NBA YoungBoy Says House Arrest Is ‘The Best’

Though the judge eased his restrictions this week, the Motown rapper is expected to follow different terms on his release. This includes not owning a firearm and undergoing tests “Prohibited Substances” per AllHipHop.

A February Billboard cover story about the artist revealed that YB hadn’t left his Utah home since moving. He is limited by the ankle monitor that he should still be wearing. Still the rapper said the outlet was house arrest “The Best That Ever Happened” to him.

“You can’t be at the top forever, you know. There will always be another artist, but there will never be another young boy. I will not be provoked, I will not be broken and I will not go back to what I used to be. Accept it or not, I’m not going back. From here it only gets groovier. When I walk out that door, there’s going to be a lot of work,” YB said.

During lockdown, the rapper quietly married his girlfriend. Jazlyn Mychelle, Beginning of January. The rapper also released his first album, I settle my case with Motown Records in January.

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