My man, my man, my man! Halle Bailey warmly welcomes DDG despite breakup rumors (video) -Dlight News

 My man, my man, my man!  Halle Bailey warmly welcomes DDG despite breakup rumors (video)

From a recent upload it looks like Hall Bailey stands with DDG in the course of separation speculation!

A TikTok shows the couple’s reunion as Halle completes the print The little mermaid

Halle jumped on Thursday tick tock and gave fans a quick update on their relationship.

In an upload captioned “On my last press day like…” Halle literally jumps for joy at the sight of DDG. The couple then hugs to an audio recording Beyonce To sing, “I’m happy, I’m happy to see my husband.”

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Halle and DDG share a moment of snogging before the video ends, letting viewers know they’re still doing their thing!

Halle Bailey recently stated that she “can do [Her] own decisions”

In addition to her TikTok, Halle recently opened up about fans’ concerns about their unpopular relationship.

During a sitting with shine In the article, published earlier this week, she explained that it was “really funny” how everyone acted like she was still “that innocent, untouchable thing.” Halle also stated: “I am able to make my own decisions.

“It’s really funny how people look at you [as] still being that young girl, still that innocent, untouchable thing. I appreciate being able to make my own decisions as an adult.”

She added that for the sake of her “peace” and “sanity,” she chooses to keep much of her personal life “private.”

Rumors about Halle and “E-List Rapper” DDG recently circulated around the internet

Halle’s upload and comment follows rumors of a split between the young couple.

Earlier this month, Pop Tingz drew widespread attention to the speculation with a tweet: “Halle Bailey and E-List rapper DDG have reportedly split.”

In response, DDG humorously explained, “‘E-list rapper’ kinda funny, ngl.”

Shortly thereafter, the fans continued cheer After the alleged split, he tweeted a video of himself performing to mock viewers. Not him stepping into his “hehe haha” era!

Meanwhile, Halle has remained silent on the situation… until she told fans earlier this week that the rumors were about GAP!