Michigan Chevy Dealers Ad Gets Too Michigan Detail Wrong – Autoblog -Dlight News

Regional dealer associations often work with their members to build marketing campaigns around new products or promotional campaigns. The ads usually feature recognizable landmarks from the area, such as the Zakim Bridge in Boston, but the Michigan Dealers Association made a mistake in its latest campaign, and locals were quick to tell them about it on the Internet. The group created an ad featuring the Silverado in front of the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse in Port Huron, Mich. The photo is simple enough, with the truck positioned in front of the historic structure, but viewers took issue with the color of the beam emanating from it. His lantern room. Shannon Kay commented on the post that “Fort Gratiot Lighthouse has a green light. It was changed to green in 1934. This green light was installed so that ships could tell the difference between the lighthouse light and the train headlights of engines going to paper mills and other industries on the riverfront. While entertaining for locals and history buffs, the dealer group’s flub is far from the first awkward moment in auto advertising. A few years ago, BMW released an Instagram ad for its upcoming M2 Competition. The car was shown moving along with screeching engine sounds, except they weren’t coming from the car. BMW mistakenly dubbed the sound of the Lamborghini V10 on the inline-six-powered M2 and briefly ran the ad before scrapping it. The Michigan ad is a silly mistake, but thanks to Photoshop it’s a quick fix, as seen above. Chevy spokesman Sean Szymkowski told the Detroit Free Press that the group is aware of the error and will update it soon. Besides, even with the mistake, the ad has no chance of attracting as many people as Chevy’s “Real People” ad campaign. The spots drew laughs from the internet before the automaker quietly pulled them in late 2020.

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