Wednesday, November 29, 2023 launches medical record-focused chatbot and more digital health announcements -Dlight News, a startup that uses artificial intelligence to help structure medical information, announced the launch of Hypercube, an AI-powered platform that integrates structured and unstructured text data, democratizes analytics, and allows a user to ask questions in free text and receive outcomes from specific patient data. 

Karim Galil, cofounder and CEO of, announced the new offering at HLTH 2023.

Galil stated three clinical trials were run with a cohort of 1,000 oncology patients with the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine to compare Hypercube, ChatGPT 4 and Facebook’s LLaMA. 

“We knew that we were going to outperform them, but the question that took us merely seconds took ChatGPT four hours,” Galil said. “What we have done at Mendel is we’ve built a team of physicians that, for the last four years, we trained them to think like AI scientists and we built a team of AI scientists and we trained them to think like physicians. The output of those two is a hybrid system that has a large language model trained on medical records (not Reddit, not the internet), and we couple with a symbolic system that understands the correlation between things.” 

Teen mental health platform BeMe Health announced Blue Cross of Kansas as a new strategic investor in the company, as well as the launch of a new offering for teens to connect with their community network.

“We’re taking supportive media, and we’re combining it with a trusted network where teens can share with their friends and parents how their mood is,” Dr. Nicki Tessler, CEO and cofounder of BeMe Health, said during the announcement.  

“What that allows is now we’ve got a connection. Now, we’ve got a sense of how they’re doing but also that sense of communication and connection with their parents and with their trusted friends.” 

Digital musculoskeletal care company Hinge Health is expanding the reach of its TrueMotion technology across each of its programs in January and launching a fall prevention program. 

“Our new program is offering seniors over 65 a tailored experience to improve their balance, strength and mobility.” Daniel Perez, CEO and cofounder of Hinge Health, said. “We start with an initial assessment to get their baseline, followed by a video visit with one of our full-time physical therapists. We’re particularly focused on those at highest risk for falls.”

The company is also building a capability designed to improve the ability to perform dual tasking. Dual tasking is when one tries to do a physical and cognitive task at the same time. The risk of falling increases when an individual performs dual tasking, Perez said. 

Digital weight loss company Noom announced the expansion of its digital enterprise offering, Noom for Work, to include clinical obesity management solution Noom Med.  

Noom Med includes psychological tools, community support and content, and access to clinicians with obesity-care training who provide customized weight-loss plans and support for patients in reducing their reliance on GLP-1 medications. Those are drugs that help manage glucose levels in individuals with Type 2 diabetes.

“When we have lower acuity users, these are triaged to our psychology-based weight management offering Noom Weight. More moderate needs are triaged to our diabetes prevention program, Noom DPP. Finally, our highest acuity clinical members will be sent to clinical obesity care via Noom Med,” Linda Anegawa, chief of medicine at Noom, said. 

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