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MedArrive partners with virtual cardiology care platform Heartbeat Health -Dlight News

MedArrive, a care management platform merging telehealth and in-person care, announced it is adding virtual cardiology services to its in-home offerings via a partnership with health technology company Heartbeat Health.

The New York-based in-home care company has a provider network of paramedics, EMTs and other healthcare providers who visit patients on behalf of their health insurance plan and provide in-home healthcare services, health assessments, diagnostics and preventative health measures. Providers also assist with transportation, nutrition and mobility. 

Through the partnership, MedArrive’s health plan members, including Medicaid beneficiaries, will have access to Heartbeat Health’s 24/7 virtual cardiology care leveraging technology and clinicians. 

MedArrive’s providers will also be able to coordinate care between Heartbeat Health’s cardiologists and a health plan’s case management team for members with chronic heart failure or who are in a case management program. 

“For the people MedArrive serves, bringing virtual cardiology care into their homes bridges a critical gap. Heart conditions and concerns like chest pain are huge reasons why people turn to the emergency department, which often isn’t the best place to get care and ends up being extremely costly. That’s why there’s huge demand among health plans to implement innovative approaches that can both be highly engaging and empower individuals to take ownership of their well-being within the comfort of their own spaces. This seamless integration between MedArrive and Heartbeat Health not only enhances convenience but also transforms homes into havens of proactive heart care, ultimately fostering a stronger heartbeat for healthier communities,” MedArrive cofounder and CEO Dan Trigub told MobiHealthNews in an email. 


Telehealth has been shown to enhance patients’ access to cardiology care without compromising clinical outcomes.  

“More than a quarter of Medicaid patients are impacted by heart diseases and together with MedArrive, we can better identify, manage, and close gaps in care for this critical population,” Dr. Jeff Wessler, Heartbeat Health CEO and cardiologist, told MobiHealthNews in an email. 

In December, Texas-based Superior HealthPlan announced a home care partnership with MedArrive and virtual behavioral health provider Brave Health, which would allow MedArrive’s paramedics, EMTs and other providers to offer in-home diagnostics, health assessments and preventative care to approximately 40,000 Superior plan members. 

Additionally, MedArrive announced a partnership in March with Ouma Health, a maternity telehealth platform, to expand the care management platform’s mother and fetal in-home care offerings to women on Medicaid.

A month later, the company announced it received an $8 million strategic investment. Two years before, it received $25 million in Series A funding. MedArrive launched in 2020 with $4.5 million in seed funding. 

Heartbeat Health garnered investment in 2021, scoring $20 million in Series B funding, a year after it raised $8.2 million in Series A funding. 

Last year, Heartbeat announced a partnership with Caption Health, maker of AI-enabled ultrasound guidance software. As part of the collaboration, Caption clinicians would perform ultrasounds where needed, including in patients’ homes. Heartbeat’s virtual cardiologists would then interpret the results remotely and discuss findings with the patient’s primary care providers. 

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