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Maserati announced the official end of its V8

We all knew this was coming. Maserati announced it would go all-electric by 2030, so the end was certainly in sight for the V8. But now it is crystal clear. Maserati will stop production of its V8 later this year. The company says there will still be some V8-powered models on sale in 2024. We assume that is based on inventory that has not been sold or may be delivered by the end of 2023. Maserati will have a little something, though, to celebrate its road-going V8 history, which dates back to 1959 and its 5000 GT Coupe. It will launch two special editions, the Ghibli 334 Ultima and the Levante V8 Ultima. It will be revealed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in July. That model will join the existing Trofeo versions of the Levante, Ghibli and Quattroporte on sale now, all with V8s. Maserati hasn’t said anything about upgrading to the V8 itself. So presumably, it will remain the familiar twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 making 572 horsepower that’s now available in other trims. Any additional changes to the special edition car will likely be colors, trimmings and perhaps handling tweaks. Even if the Maserati isn’t all-electric, the V8’s days are probably numbered. The new top-dog engine is the twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6 used in the Grecale Trofeo and MC20 supercars. In the MC20, it makes 620 horsepower; More than a V8. But of course, even that new V6’s days are numbered. All Maserati are going electric, and while the internal combustion models have yet to be phased out, every model has an electric version under the Folgor name. It includes mainstream models like the new Grackle SUV as well as sports cars including the new GranTurismo and MC20. Those electric models aren’t far off either. Maserati aims to have electric versions of all its models by the end of 2025, and hybridization is not part of the plan.
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