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 Mary-Kate Olsen Gets Ready for a Vacation in the Sun on Rare Public Outing - E!  On-line

5. Curious who the Olsen twins’ first on-screen kisses were? Just come over Passport to Parisin which Mary-Kate kissed Ethan Peck, Gregory Peck‘s grandson and Ashley kiss Brocker way.

6. When Dualstar Entertainment Group was formed in 1993, it made the then 6-year-old twins producers and owners of the production company that would release all of their 47 direct-to-DVD movies and music video series (inclusive). The Adventures of…And You are invited to...Franchises).

The films were successful, but not exactly sophisticated, as Mary-Kate later said W Magazine“We didn’t have to dig too deep. We played cute little twins solving puzzles. None of the characters had depth. It was someone else’s idea of ​​ourselves. It was very philanthropic in contrast. “I guess I’m actually working on it.”

Ashley told WWD in 2013 that she became CEOs at such a young age: “We couldn’t think outside the box. I always considered myself a business woman, even as a child.”

From a young age, they focused on the big picture and building a long-term brand. “I don’t think we’ve ever felt like actresses,” Mary-Kate explained, “because we were spending so much more time away from the camera and building a brand.”

During that time, they released albums, a magazine, a clothing line with Walmart, a cosmetics line, board games, video games, an animated series, and a bedroom furniture line. They eventually became the youngest self-made millionaires, and when they turned 18, they joined the list of the world’s richest teenagers when they fully took over Dualstar. Your estimated total wealth? Aaround 300 million US dollars.

While Dualstar eventually shut down, Hulu brought some of its biggest releases to its streaming service in May 2019, including Passport to Paris And Holidays in the sun.

7. New York minutethe twins’ second theatrical release after 1995 It takes twowould end up being Mary-Kate and Ashley’s last film together, grossing a disappointing $14 million when it was released in 2004. In fact, the film was to serve as Ashley’s final acting performance ever, as Mary-Kate appeared in the subsequent television series weed before landing her last on-screen role in 2011 Animal.

“I don’t like being the center of attention anymore,” Ashley said Elle UK to leave the acting world. “That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in Hollywood. I like the way it works, I like the people involved and the sense of possibility. But if I ever get back into it, I won’t do it as an actress.”

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