Ludacris opens up about his experiences as a father to girls: ‘It’s the greatest feeling in the world’ -Dlight News

Ludacris opens up about his experiences as a father to girls: 'It's the greatest feeling in the world'

As a father of four daughters Ludacris knows all about life as a girl dad and recently shared this experience!

With four girls in particular, between the ages of 21 and one year old — Karma, Cai, Cadence, and Chance — the experience was filled with love and insight, according to Ludacris.

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Daughters revealed Luda’s ‘overprotective’ side

Luda spoke on the subject at a recent meeting Us weekly.

When it comes to the “hardest thing” about having daughters, Ludacris shared that “just thinking about the future when they have kids.” [begin] “Dating” preoccupies him the most. He also added that the experience of raising girls shed light on how “overprotective of a person” he is.

The “Stand Up” rapper then provided an example of not allowing Karma to date until she was an adult. That’s why he thinks his firstborn is taking his time finding the right one. So be it or “she’s really good at hiding her dates,” Luda shared.

“I said [Karma] She had to wait until she was 18. She’s 21 now and hasn’t introduced me to a boy yet. Either she’s really good at hiding it, or she’s really taking her time finding the right person to take her home to Dad’s.”

Ludacris says his girls ‘wrapped him around her pinky’

As Luda continued, he talked about how his children hold him in their hands. He also mentioned that the thought of being with his kids can’t get out of his head during tours.

“They all got me wrapped around their little finger, and [I] I can’t wait to get home from touring and do concerts so I can hug her.”

Finally, with Luda’s 46th birthday just a few months away, he certainly added that he was comforted in “knowing that they will take care of him.” [him]’ in old age. He even went so far as to name it “The greatest feeling in the world.”

“And it’s the greatest feeling in the world to know that when I get older they will take care of me!”

He rounded out that last comment by proclaiming that when dependent on sons, parents “never know” whether they will be cared for.

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