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Lexus RZ review, Kia EV9 debut, affordable VW EV, Peak Oil Timeline: The Week in Reverse

What big electric truck can give other EVs 20 miles per hour of range or more? Why are EVs a traffic-safety threat, according to one of the major US safety agencies? Here’s our look at the Week in Reverse – here at Green Car Reports – for the week ending March 17, 2023. The Toyota luxury brand is a conservative entry that tests the waters with a limited driving range but a sumptuous cabin. Steer-by-wire tech—and a yoke—is finally on the way. 2023 Lexus RZ 450e Kia gave the first look at its upcoming 2024 EV9 electric SUV, and it borrows extensively from the 2021 concept vehicle of the same name—including second-row seats that will flip or swivel 90 degrees to the side for easy access. Facing third row. Full details on the luxurious EV9 are due later this month. The Biden administration on Tuesday officially unveiled a $2.5 billion program centered around community EV charging. Part of the $7.5 billion designated toward a national charging network in 2021 under the bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the program aligns with the highway-focused NEVI program that is funded at the state level and already has interest from Tesla. 2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV V2V Charger The upcoming 2024 model year GMC Hummer EV can charge other EVs at 6 kw using the upcoming vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) 240-volt charging cord. That’s enough to send a small EV a meaningful charge — for example, a Chevy Bolt EV over 20 miles an hour. Volkswagen has revealed the ID.2All concept car, previewing an affordable sub-$30,000 VW electric car—one of the few compact EVs the automaker is planning for the European market and possibly beyond. Volkswagen ID.2all concept Convenience-store chain 7-Eleven has ambitious EV charging network plans, the company announced Thursday. It aims to be one of the largest charging networks in North America, with charging stations in multiple locations in the US and eventually Canada, plus support for CHAdeMO and CCS charging—as well as Tesla adapters. Mitsubishi aims to make all of its models EVs, plug-in hybrids or hybrids by 2035 and plans to launch nine electrified models over the next five years—including EVs enabled by tie-ups with Renault and Nissan plus a Mitsubishi electric pickup. 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Porsche has two large electric SUVs on the way: an electric version of the Cayenne, and another built on VW’s Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) and positioned above the Cayenne. Both the electric 718 sports car and the electric Macan compact SUV are to follow. Volkswagen’s Powerco EV battery company has chosen Canada for its first plant outside Europe. Powerco, which represents VW’s aims for vertical integration as it scales EVs, could potentially supply factories for VW in the US and Mexico as well as a South Carolina factory for the new Scout truck brand from the Ontario facility within the decade. BMW i Vision Dee Concept BMW has confirmed that its New Class family of EVs, due to launch in 2025, will feature a much simpler dash and a full-windshield panoramic head-up display—as the brand teases in its i Vision Dee. concept earlier this year. Hertz is helping the US epicenter of Big Oil go more electric, with the announcement that it plans to triple its EV fleet in Houston. The effort will add 2,100 EVs to the Houston fleet and an EV charging hub at the city’s Hobby Airport. 2022 Rivian R1T IIHS Crash Testing Looking at electric vehicle crash safety, crash tests and real-world events have already shown that battery fires are not a primary concern. Even though the added weight of EVs poses a safety hazard to everyone on the road, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety argued. The owners are suing Tesla and seeking class action status for alleged violations of antitrust laws, in which the company limits competition and forces owners to use Tesla’s service centers and obtain parts directly from the automaker. EV owners are less satisfied with their home charging experience than last year. While there are many reasons to unravel in these latest results from survey giant JD Power, a 9% increase in residential electricity costs may be the most responsible—specifically a 23% increase in costs for New Englanders, year over year. Tesla Charging Over the Year We took a look at the seven US states leading the nation in plug-in vehicles in 2022, each with more than 10 registered EVs per thousand people, as recently summarized by the DOE. And according to a recent report, the worldwide market for internal-combustion vehicles is in “structural decline,” with sales of ICE vehicles down 20% from their 2017 peak. Peak demand for oil for transportation has now moved to 2027 – much earlier than was predicted even a few years ago. _______________________________________ Follow Green Car Reports on Facebook and Twitter

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