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New AI helps lower cost of drug discovery

Australian researchers have created a new drug discovery AI tool for decoding protein-molecule interactions without the need for rendering costly 3D structures. 

Their drug discovery model called PSICHIC (PhySIcoCHemICal) uses AI to identify unique “fingerprints” of specific protein-molecule interactions from sequence data.

PSICHIC was able to “effectively screen new drug candidates and perform selectivity profiling” in a study, which findings have been published in Nature Machine Intelligence. It was also able to “distinguish the functional effects of the compound” or the way it affects the human body, according to Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences’ Dr Lauren May, co-lead author of the study.

Digital twin for ventilation optimisation

Researchers from the University of Canterbury are using digital twin technology to optimise mechanical ventilation.

Digital twins of patient information, such as the amount of required sedating medication, pressure, and flow to the lungs, will be used to “predict whether more pressure, volume, or oxygen will help the patient gain lung volume without causing damage,” said Geoff Chase, a distinguished professor at the University of Canterbury. 

It is noted that a person requiring ventilation will incur double the cost per day in the ICU. “Not only does a reduction of time on a ventilator lead to better outcomes for patients, but annually for New Zealand this would equate to a N$17 million ($10 million) potential saving for just a single day reduction,” Prof Chase claimed. 

Novari continues international collabs for advanced patient engagement 

Personify Care and Canada-based Novari Health have tied up for an integrated offering.

Their combined solution, based on a media release, will enable Novari’s referral management software to initiate clinically-defined prehabilitation and pre-admission pathways. 

Through their partnership, the Novari Patient Engage, powered by PersonifyCare, is set to be launched in Canada and the United Kingdom while a “fully interoperable offering” of the two companies will be rolled out across Australia and New Zealand. 

In March, Novari Health partnered with Australian company Alcidion to also offer an integrated solution that enhances patient flow management.

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