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Kandi Burruss Denies Jealousy of Xscape Member LaTocha Scott: 'I Stand my Ground'

Kandi Burruss is not jealous LaTocha Scott. The Xscape singer addressed the long-running narrative on her YouTube earlier this week.

your 50 minutes Talk about it show highlighted episode two of SWV & Xscape: The Queen of R&B— during which Scott suggested that Kandi is and was a hater.

“Here’s one more thing I didn’t like. Okay, so I have to address this Talk about it Because that’s been said for years and it annoys me. I didn’t like that Tocha was trying to imply that I had something to do with her damn solo project not coming out,” Kandi said. “That annoys me. I feel like Tocha blames me for everything that went wrong in her life and I don’t understand why.”

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Kandi admitted they always clashed. Still, she insisted she doesn’t like being blamed for situations she’s not there for.

On the Bravo TV Show, LaTocha claimed Kandi developed a grudge because she often sang lead throughout her group career. She was talking to her husband Rocky Bivenswho said Scott and Kandi “I’ve just never been on the same page.”

“She was a young woman, you know, trying to make her mark, and there were times when I was singing a song and she would throw, ‘Oh, why is she singing the whole lead? Are you trying to get her for a solo project? and Jermaine would say, ‘No,’ and I think that created a grudge,” Scott said.

Burress addressed this claim Talk about it by listing the songs she sang from her first two albums.

“That’s been said of her a number of times, and I think other people… that I was so jealous and made it so difficult for her. That’s why she had to go solo and said I was so jealous of her singing lead,” Kandi said before going through the song list.

Kandi says LaTocha prioritizes Xscape when her solo music career falters

This isn’t the first time the “jealous narrative” between LaTocha and Burress has surfaced. The two cast members also discussed their beef on Xscape’s first reality show. XSCAPE: Still kickin’ it. At the time, Burress told Scott her problem was that Scott allegedly used her third album to secure a solo deal. LaTocha denied this — and admitted it was her “caught between a rock and a hard spot.”

But further the queens of r&b, Scott further suggested that Kandi was not happy with Scott’s decision to pursue a solo project. She also claimed Burress told her she would not be returning to the group.

“For some reason my project was put on hold and at the same time Kandi was signed and her album came out. It was a bit odd, the timing of everything,” Scott said in episode two.

As previously mentioned, Kandi has addressed this – saying it annoys her. Burress also accused LaTocha of only being invested in her group during her career’s downtime. She also claimed that Scott makes the group a problem every time they have a deal on the table.

“…But it’s really because she has another opportunity where she feels like she doesn’t really need us anymore…when things aren’t going the way she wants, I think, personally with her personal.” Music stuff, then all of a sudden she has all the time in the world for Xscape, but if she thinks she’s got a solo deal on the horizon or something else on the horizon. All of a sudden [LaTocha says] Yeah, I don’t know if I want to sing with you all.”

Burress doubled down on her Talk about it comments below Repost from TSR their listing of their leads. She wrote in the comment column:

“We have a lot of drama, y’all… I’m sorry, but I’m tired of the narrative being pushed that I was jealous of her. So I had to say how I feel. She has a beautiful voice and I’m not saying I sing better at all. What I’m saying is that my voice is distinctive and I can hold my own and I wasn’t jealous of her. So stop! We went into our third album knowing she was going solo so yeah I had a lot to say about that because our shit was falling apart. 30 years later we’re still going through the same shit. We are a mess! That was a lot, but fuck it.”

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