Jeep Releases ‘Trail Marker’ Teaser of Second Easter Jeep Safari – Autoblog -Dlight News

Jeep Releases 'Trail Marker' Teaser of Second Easter Jeep Safari - Autoblog

Easter will soon be here, which means weeks of Jeep-related teasers and press releases ahead of the brand’s annual Easter Jeep Safari. Earlier this week, the automaker released renders that appear to show a Gladiator-like open-back truck, while another depicts a Wrangler with tube doors and unique bodywork. The latest trio of images dropped last night, giving us three more off-road concepts to ponder ahead of the event. Jeep’s new teaser includes images of the Wagoneer SUV and two other SUVs, which could be the Wrangler or the Gladiator. One features a hood with “Rubicon” graphics and blue accents that appear from the 4xe model. This could be a sign that we will see the next Gladiator 4xe in the Easter event. Another non-Wagoneer image appears to be a Wrangler with loads of upgrades from Jeep Performance Parts. We can see the winch and tie-down along with the big off-road tires. The least cryptic of the three new images clearly depicts the Wagoneer, but we don’t know if it’s the Grand or standard model. Given that the event is held in Moab, the off-road mecca, it’s more likely to be the smaller of the two SUVs. Jeep may take the opportunity to show the 4xe version of the upscale Wagoneer, which will track with the expectation that an electrified variant will be seen next year. This year’s teaser is hard to decipher, but that’s par for the course. Jeep’s 2022 teasers were just as mysterious, and we saw loads of Wrangler 4xe concepts, a Grand Cherokee 4xe and a sleek tube-door Gladiator variant. Safaris last several days with day trips, riding events and more. Although Jeep takes the opportunity to roll out concepts, the event is managed by Red Rock 4-Wheelers and founded by the Moab Chamber of Commerce.
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