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 Tarte $78 Waterproof Eye Makeup For Just $39 - E!  On-line

So many buyers love this Tart Quick Sticks for the versatility and long-lasting formulas. Here’s what they had to say:

Tarte Quick Stick Waterproof Shadow & Liner Trio reviews

One shopper shared: “Easy to apply. What a wonderful shadow and liner duo! This is easy to apply and looks great! I cut the time it takes me to apply makeup in half! I bought the neutral tones. The colors are soft. I have.” I used it on my lids and in the crease. They last all day and look fresh. It just got so easy to apply eyeshadow and liner with a pencil. Tarte has a beautiful makeup product. Thanks very much.”

Another explained: “Easy and quick. I really don’t waste time putting makeup on. Quick application and great natural rose tones that last. Especially nice to have the liner with the eyeshadow.”

Someone reviewed, “These are great… I started with the Roses set and then came back for the Neutrals. I have oily skin so I was worried these wouldn’t last all day but they do. The eyeshadow colors are more subtle though. For those who are just starting to wear makeup, they are perfect! The eyeliner is easy to apply without tearing. For me, these can easily be removed with a microfiber make-up removal cloth and warm water.”

One customer shared: “I have oily skin, including on my eyelids. I was worried that these eyeshadows wouldn’t stay put, but they actually have quite a long shelf life I prefer the medium shade. You are all very pretty. The liners are great too, they glide pretty well and match the shadows well too.”

One shopper gushed: “So happy with it! I have an illness that causes my eyes to water constantly. I stopped wearing eye makeup because nothing really stayed in place otherwise it would irritate my eyes. These are awesome! Feel like myself again.” . Please please make more colors. I would love bright, shimmery shades (shimmery, not sparkly).”

Someone gushed: “I bought the Roses set and they are wonderful. Both the eyeshadow pencil and eyeliner go on like butter and stay put all day! The color combinations are very pretty and go well together. Really happy with it.” Set and would order more in other colors. I hope they come up with some.”

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