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Aleksandar Mitrovic is sent off after shoving referee Chris Kavanagh

Roy Keane has admitted Fulham pressed the self-destruct button when hopes of reaching their FA Cup semi-final since 2002 were dashed by the red mist that descended in the defeat to Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Marco Silva’s side looked headed for a famous FA Cup victory after taking the lead five minutes into the second half at Old Trafford when Issa Diop flicked in Andrea Pereira’s corner to allow Aleksandar Mitrovic to strike from close range. distance.

But the game changed completely just before the 70th minute when Antony broke down the right and squared the ball for Jadon Sancho. He circled Leno and then fired towards goal with Willian blocking on the line before replays showed he had blocked the shot with his hand.

The wheels came off as manager Marco Silva, Willian and Mitrovic were sent off for a staggering 90 second period that turned the competition on its head.

Aleksandar Mitrovic ordered to leave the pitch
Aleksandar Mitrovic ordered to leave the field

Keane told him ITV Sport: “It was a case of self-destruction for Fulham, particularly with the penalty incident, the reaction from the managers and the players.

“Obviously, it’s an emotional game and we’ve all been there. It was a crazy 90 seconds that cost them the game.”

Silva was sent off for something he said to referee Chris Kavanagh when he went over to check the monitor. Kavanagh then awarded a penalty and showed Willian a red card.

An angry Mitrovic confronted and scolded Kavanagh and got his own marching orders, leaving Fulham with nine and no manager.

Aleksandar Mitrovic is sent off after shoving referee Chris Kavanagh
Mitrovic was sent off by Fulham after shoving referee Chris Kavanagh

Mitrovic was a bit slow to leave the field and several of his Fulham teammates had to calm him down before leaving the pitch.

Bruno Fernandes sent Leno the wrong way to level the score, with Marcel Sabitzer adding a second soon after, before Fernandes added a third in stoppage time.

“It wasn’t necessarily about Manchester United winning, it was more about Fulham finding a way to lose,” Keane added.

“I don’t have any sympathy for them. They’ll get a clap or two, but I won’t get any.”

“They had an opportunity and they blew it.”

Silva: Why didn’t the referee check the monitor for penalty?

Aleksandar Mitrovic is contained after his sending off at Old Trafford
Mitrovic is contained after his expulsion

Speaking to ITV afterwards, Fulham manager Silva said he was aggrieved that his team did not receive a penalty of their own.

Early pressure saw David de Gea push away Diop’s looping header, while Mitrovic wanted a penalty, and United defenders a yellow for diving, when he tangled with Lisandro Martínez in the box.

“We should talk about the whole game and not just one moment. Up until the penalty and the red card, we were clearly the best team on the pitch. We respect Manchester United, but it was clear we were the best team on the pitch.”

Asked about the penalty incident involving Willian, Silva said: “It’s a decision VAR can make, what’s hard to understand is why the two moments in his area in the first half, where one of them is a Clear penalty on Mitrovic, why didn’t anyone check?”

On his own red card, he added: “At that point I shouldn’t be sent off. I don’t want that to happen. It’s my place to be there. If they ask me if I did something, I’m happy.” , of course not. But if you ask me if that should be a red card, I have great doubts. I would like to know what the referee is going to write about what I told him.”

The collapse of Fulham in pictures

Alexsandar Mitrovic went from hero to nil as one of three red cards for Fulham in 90 seconds of mayhem at Old Trafford.

Aleksandar Mitrovic celebrates after giving Fulham the lead at Old Trafford
Mitrovic celebrates after giving Fulham the lead

Willian stops Jadon Sancho's shot
Willian stops Jadon Sancho’s shot

Willian leaves after being shown a red card.
Willian leaves after being shown a red card.

Marco Silva, Fulham manager, is sent off by referee Chris Kavanagh
Silva is sent off by referee Chris Kavanagh

Aleksandar Mitrovic gets into a loud argument with referee Chris Kavanagh before being sent off
Mitrovic argues loudly with the referee

Mitrovic looks at referee Chris Kavanagh
Mitrovic looks at referee Chris Kavanagh

Keane: Man Utd must improve their attitude for semi-final

Bruno Fernandes scores Manchester United's equalizer from the penalty spot
Bruno Fernandes scores United’s equalizer

Twelve-time Cup winners United advance to face Brighton at Wembley, while Fulham will count the cost of a day that could hurt their push across Europe via the Premier League with suspensions to follow.

It was a dramatic turn in a game in which Fulham had been the better team for most of the afternoon.

The absence of the suspended Casemiro and Fred, among the substitutes when Scott McTominay and Marcel Sabitzer started, said, as United’s relentless schedule has perhaps done on four fronts this season, as the hosts worked against a Fulham side that showed plenty of bite with Joao Palhinha back. a ban

“Then it’s literally impossible to play with nine men. Fulham tried to sit out, but United played them for the last 10-15 minutes.

Marcel Sabitzer celebrates after putting Manchester United ahead of Fulham
Marcel Sabitzer celebrates after putting United ahead

“The priority for Manchester United today was to go through to the next round, but I still think the manager will be very disappointed with what he saw.

“Fulham self-destructed, but United were so poor it was unbelievable.

“It’s better to be lucky than good, sometimes. They’ve found their way in the previous games and the draws at home have really helped them.”

“You need luck in Cup competitions and United have had their fair share this season.

Bruno Fernandes celebrates with Antony after scoring Manchester United's third goal against Fulham
Fernandes celebrates with Antony after the third goal

“That said, I’ve lost a bit of confidence watching United now. A month or two ago, I was thinking they were ready for it. But in the last two games I’ve seen some habits come back.”

“It’s okay to play in moments from time to time, but right now it feels like their DNA. They’ve picked up some really bad habits.”

“They came in today expecting to win the game because they have quality players. But if they go into the semi-final with that attitude, Brighton will beat them.”

“United need a kick in the back.”

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