‘Forever chemicals’ are in toilet paper as well as drinking water and Steve Bannon’s exiled-Chinese businessman partner Guo Wengui has been charged in a $1 billion fraud conspiracy. -Dlight News

US and UK regulators mull ways to help SVB depositors, FDIC auction assets - reports

Hi, market watchers. Don’t miss these top stories. With layoffs on the rise, financial advisors are seeing out-of-work clients need help managing emotions as well as finances, step back, listen, and let people express the feelings that layoffs trigger. Read more Having problems with your tissue? ‘Forever chemicals’ are also in toilet paper. Controversial PFAS, or ‘permanent chemicals’, are used in things like stain-resistant clothing and cookware. Add toilet paper to the list. Read more Pet fees, late fees, administrative fees and a mysterious ‘January fee’: These are the junk costs renters face, says new report “Renters struggle to find safe and stable housing amid already severe affordable-housing shortages” are struggling for,” said a lawyer at the National Consumer Law Center. Read more How to determine if your drinking water is safe as EPA moves to ban ‘permanent chemicals’ The EPA wants to crack down on “permanent chemicals” in water. Water systems and utilities have three years to comply. Here’s how to check the safety of your water. Read more Cash in your brokerage account could cost you thousands After bank failure, rates rise, savers should take a hard look at “sweep” accounts Read more Steve Bannon’s exiled-Chinese businessman ally Guo Wengui charged in $1 billion fraud conspiracy . Guo used the money raised in various fraud schemes to enrich his family and buy a $45 million mansion, a yacht, and a multi-million dollar car. Read more ‘Today’s buyers are more demanding and choosy’: More home sellers are offering incentives to lure cautious buyers Higher mortgage rates and a lack of options in the resale market are forcing sellers to make concessions to entice home buyers, Redfin reports. Read more US Builder confidence rose for the third consecutive month despite higher mortgage rates and construction costs. US homebuilder sentiment rose for a third straight month in February, the National Association of Home Builders said. read more

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