Dodge Releases Another Cryptic Teaser For Final ‘Last Call’ Car – Autoblog -Dlight News

Dodge Releases Another Cryptic Teaser For Final 'Last Call' Car - Autoblog

The Dodge Challenger and Charger have had a long run, but their time is up. Before they go, the automaker is releasing a series of limited-edition models commemorating the two- and four-door muscle cars, but engine problems with the latter delayed its planned debut at SEMA last year. Dodge set a new date of March 20, and his steady stream of teaser material gets another installment with a video titled “Hemmy Vice.” In the animated video, an evil leprechaun Jackhammer shows off a pile of golden orbs. When the camera rolls around, the hammer shows “2538 PSI” and it has a V8, so pretty normal stuff going on here. Dodge said the teaser “hints at the ultimate ‘last call’ model’s ability to harness and unleash mind-boggling horsepower,” part of the PSI horsepower equation. Dodge has released little bits of information in each of its teasers that hint at the car’s specs, but make little sense. One teaser was titled “Screaming at 215 mph,” presumably referring to the top speed, but other numbers are hard to decipher. The final last call is a string of cars in model releases that were scheduled to end last October. At the time, Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis said the engineering team continued to test the engine during development. That could mean one of Dodge’s mystery numbers — 1,582 — indicates an insane horsepower total, but there’s no way to know yet. Although it hasn’t promised an electric replacement for the Charger or Challenger, Dodge has touted its Charger Daytona SRT concept at nearly every major auto event of the past year. The electric muscle car blends styling elements from both the Charger and Challenger with a futuristic look and the automaker gave it an interesting fake exhaust.

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