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Boosie Stops Fans From Engaging in Street Life: 'Never Become a Gangster'

boosie recently took the time to offer advice to his young fans, and the legend from Baton Rouge, Louisiana is begging them never To Face the streets.

After all, survival is “the only thing that matters,” and he lets people know that lifestyle matters not worth the trouble.

Boosie Gets Honest About His Lifestyle: ‘S**t Isn’t Even Worth It’

Recorded and re-shared during a recent Instagram Live by Hip HopDX, Boosie began an impromptu lecture. Specifically, the “Wipe Me Down” rapper kept his younger fans from embracing the “gangsta” life.

“But don’t ever become a street jester. Never become a gangster bro.”

While explaining his motivations, Boosie described the danger of this lifestyle as it will result in people being “overlooked” all the time. [their] Shoulder.” He also mentioned that people in this life “always” need support to “protect” themselves.

“Always have to have n***as with me. You always have to try to protect yourself. Look over your shoulder.”

He summed up the experience by proclaiming: “It’s not even worth it, brother. When you get older you’ll be like, “Damn, man.” Real shit, bro.”

Before Boosie finished his message, he explained: “Stay[ing] alive” is the “only thing that counts”.

“But I have to stay alive. That’s all that matters… I have to do whatever it takes to stay alive.”

The rapper recently reflected on his journey to becoming cancer free

This comment follows Boosie celebrating his cancer freedom The Shadow Room reported.

Earlier this month, the 40-year-old star jumped up Instagram and confirmed that he had achieved the results he had prayed for.

He also noted that as he prepared to meet his former cancer surgeon in the face of the news, he found out the doctor had passed away a year earlier.

So Boosie took a moment to say hello to the late surgeon Dr. Honoring Wood and reflecting on their journey and his grief over his passing.

“I remember before the surgery you rubbed my head when I was crying and you asked me why I was crying. I told you that you thought about all the wrongs I’ve done in my life.”

He added, “Thank you, Dr. Wood for always making me laugh when I was down. You were the best.”

What do you think of Boosie’s words of wisdom to his younger fans?