BMW’s Neue Klasse-based model to get dash-wide head-up display – Autoblog -Dlight News

BMW's Neue Klasse-based model to get dash-wide head-up display - Autoblog

Unveiled at CES 2023, the BMW i Vision Dee concept is a mission statement designed to illustrate the direction the German firm will take in the late 2020s. We know its electric platform will make it to production, and we’ll see its massive heads-up display in showrooms as well. Called BMW Panoramic Vision, the technology illustrates one way the company plans to continue delivering the ultimate driving machine in an increasingly digital world. It was designed to minimize distractions and allow the driver to focus on the road ahead. Driving-related information, such as speed and lane markings, is presented right in front of the driver. The center of the display shows what you would normally find in an infotainment system’s touchscreen, such as the entertainment options. Finally, additional information can be sent to a portion of the display located just in front of the front passenger. The driver can choose who sees what or turn certain parts of the display off completely. “The windshield becomes a giant display, which opens up completely new possibilities for the design of our vehicles. Does the driver himself decide what information he wants to display in his own field of vision, or can all occupants see the entire content,” Frank Weber, the BMW board member in charge of development, explained in a statement. Speaking on the sidelines of the iX5 launch, BMW boss Oliver Zips explained to Autoblog why the company is investing in this technology. “We think distracted driving will be the biggest problem in today’s architecture. To drive a car, you have to look away. It’s a dangerous thing,” he said. “It’s all to do with total driving pleasure: heads-up display, hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.” BMW will reveal more details about the New Class (New Class) platform and the models being developed to underpin it at the 2023 Munich Auto Show starting on September 5. The first New Class-based cars will be available with electric power in 2025. BMW has not ruled out building a hydrogen-powered model on the architecture by integrating the storage tank into the space reserved for the battery.
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