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BMW Neue Klasse EVs will debut with a panoramic head-up display

The BMW Neue Klasse family of EVs, which will debut in 2025, will feature a panoramic head-up display. BMW showed off a display dubbed Panoramic Vision on Wednesday during its annual business conference. In what the company claims is an industry first, the display will span the windshield and show information to the driver and front passenger, unlike current head-up displays, which only show information in the driver’s field of view. The automaker claims that the panoramic display, which was previewed in the i Vision Dee concept shown at CES earlier this year, is part of a “driver-centric” approach because it allows less important information to be shown to the passenger rather than the driver. . BMW Panoramic Vision Head-Up Display “We are taking our proven ‘eyes on the road, hands on the wheel’ slogan to a new level,” BMW development boss Frank Weber said in a statement. Neue Klasse (German for “new class”) EVs are named after the family model of the 1960s that effectively saved BMW and set the template for the next few decades of the automaker’s development. BMW hopes the electric Neue Klasse will be similarly transformative. BMW said it will release six different model variants of the New Class in the first 24 months, all based on a dedicated EV architecture. It’s a shift from BMW’s current strategy of relying largely on shared platforms with internal-combustion models. Another major change is the use of cylindrical battery cells and cell-to-pack technology. BMW believes this will enable a 30% range boost as well as faster charging. BMW i Vision Dee Concept The Neue Klasse EVs may not be as expensive as today’s models on the market, considering BMW CEO Oliver Zips’ intention to create an affordable electric car. In a 2022 interview, Zipse said the lower end of the market is too important to abandon in the shift to EVs. BMW plans to start building Neue Klasse EVs in 2025 at a new factory in Debrecen, Hungary, and in 2026 at an existing plant in Munich, Germany. Some will also be built in Mexico, at BMW’s existing factory in San Luis Potosí. , will begin in 2027. It will proceed with raw materials sourced from North America and potentially qualify them for a $7,500 clean vehicle credit.

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