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Audi RS E-Tron GT Project 513/2 Prototype Takes To Showroom - Autoblog

Last year, Audi Genuine Accessories added an indoor car cover for the e-tron GT to its catalog boasting a print that mimics the e-tron GT prototype. The cover shares all of the prototype’s painted parts and wrap details, from the red streaks on the lower front intake to the lower case “e” pattern and arrow wheels. For the few buyers who aren’t content with pretending their E-Tron GT is a static display of a pre-production model, Audi USA has developed the RS E-Tron GT Project 513/2. This is the real deal 637-horsepower battery-electric sedan with a very close rendition of the actual wrap attached to the Proto used for early media test drives. The production version has different aero wheels as opposed to the 21-inch five-double-spoke rims on the prototype, and the production car is missing the “e-tron gt prototype” script on the rear doors for obvious reasons. Otherwise, it’s all there. There are a number of firsts on this one, the main one being Audi offering camo print on a factory vehicle. The second is the first name, the automaker’s internal code for the “Project 513/2” products. Like the VIN, each number in 513/2 defines an aspect of the vehicle, such as product segment, generation and body style. It appears etched into the rear glass and embossed on the center armrest of the cabin. A third innovation is that Audi is putting red rings on the front and rear of the retail model. The interior matches the exterior in color and theme. Red accents appear on the air vents, fine nappa leather seats, steering wheel and floor mats. Want another first? Audi created a carbon fiber inlay for the instrument panel that was filled with a coiled pattern, a few thousandths of a millimeter deep and “made mainly by hand.” A further reminder of exclusivity comes in the new E-Tron background for the MMI infotainment system. And we mean exclusive: Audi is only making 75 of these, for the US everyone will be practically loaded, with ventilated and massaging fine nappa leather seats, ceramic brakes with red calipers, power steering plus and standard kit including rear wheel steering, carbon fiber. All-over exterior trim, illuminated carbon fiber sills and HD matrix headlights with Audi laser lights. Each example also comes with VIN “Art Portraits” on high-gloss aluminum plates, “showcasing a detailed art print expression of the customer’s vehicle in high-resolution for display.” Price: $179,900, plus $595 for metallic paint, plus $1,495 for destination, coming in at $181,990 before extra frills. That’s about $37,000 more than the standard RS E-Tron GT before options, which means the actual price will be much higher to tell the long story of “I got mine before it hit the market.”

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