Amid the bank crisis, concerns are growing about credit drying up for homebuilders and homebuyers, and concerns in the banking sector could prompt credit-card issuers to tighten lending standards. -Dlight News

US and UK regulators mull ways to help SVB depositors, FDIC auction assets - reports

Hi, market watchers. Don’t miss these top stories. Amid the bank crisis, concerns are growing about credit drying up for homebuilders – and homebuyers Concerns about the stability of the US banking system are spilling over into the housing sector as experts worry credit for homes is drying up. Builders Read more ‘You can’t just quit’: Parents struggle to feed their families after extra SNAP benefits end High food prices and the end of SNAP emergency allocations present a double challenge for families. Read More Banking crisis ‘over’, says analyst. Is it too early to invest in bank stocks? Plus, how a bank failure can affect a small business, how to make the most of FDIC deposit insurance, and bank stocks to consider as bottom feeders. Read More Silicon Valley Bank results and banking sector concerns could prompt credit-card issuers to tighten lending standards, experts say as worries over banks offering less attractive APRs, shorter lines of credit and/or fewer offers for customers to choose from can Read more ‘I feel like sugar’: I bought the stock at $18 after the IPO. The underwriter’s brokerage house had a $30 price target. It went below $1. How could they get it so wrong? ‘It seems they are aiming for a high price to generate interest in the IPO.’ Read More For the 22% of millennials who are now moving back in with their parents, here are 6 steps to move out, many said they moved back home because of high rents, money worries or job loss — and 9 in 10 say That they would move out if they made more money. Read More 10 Electric SUVs That Seat 7 Electric SUVs that seat seven or more combine efficiency and earth-friendliness without compromising on space and utility. It’s a winning combination. Read More Student-loan companies illegally collect on debt discharged in bankruptcy, consumer watchdog says CFPB has argued in court for years that their loans are eligible for discharge in bankruptcy.

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