A$AP Rocky returns to court in June, judge will decide if he faces trial for 2021 filming -Dlight News

A$AP Rocky returns to court in June, judge will decide if he faces trial for 2021 filming

A$AP Rocky was ordered to return June 5 for a preliminary court hearing in Los Angeles, California Daily MailA judge will decide whether Rocky will stand trial for the alleged shooting of A$AP Relli in 2021.

A$AP Relli is a former friend of Rocky’s, as well as a former A$AP Mob Member.

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A$AP Relli came forward as the alleged shooting victim of A$AP Rocky in 2022

As The Shade Room previously reported, Rocky, real name Rakim Meyers, was arrested on April 20, 2022 for “assault with a deadly weapon” in an alleged shooting in November 2021.

Within three hours, Rocky was released from prison after posting $550,000 bail.

A$AP Relli, real name Terell Ephron, came forward as a suspected victim in August 2022, The Shade Room reported. He claimed Rocky “lured him to an obscure location in central Hollywood” to “discuss a disagreement between the two.”

A statement from Relli’s attorneys, Jamal Tooson and Brian Hurwitz, provided more details.

“Unknown to Mr. Ephron, A$AP Rocky didn’t just plan a call and came armed with a semi-automatic pistol. Upon arrival at the scene, a conversation ensued during which, without provocation, warning or any justification, A$AP Rocky pulled out the pistol and deliberately fired multiple shots at Mr. Ephron.”

In addition, A$AP Relli claimed that he was hit by shrapnel during the shooting and his injuries required medical attention. Additionally, the former A$AP Mob groupmate filed a “civil assault and battery lawsuit” against Rocky, accusing him of the same acts.

A$AP Rocky’s allegations and his initial pleading

As previously reported by The Shade Room, on August 15, 2022, A$AP Rocky was formally charged with “double assault with a semi-automatic firearm.” On August 17, Rocky appeared in court for the alleged shooting.

The rapper also pleaded not guilty.

Judge Victoria Wilson also initiated proceedings protective order that prevented Rocky from “Possession of firearms or ammunition.” The order also prohibits him from “contacting Relli or coming within 100 yards of him.”

Rocky’s Response to A$AP Relli’s Allegations and Civil Complaint

According to court documents obtained by Complex in September 2022, Rocky Rellis denied the allegations. The file reportedly read:

“The responding defendant generally denies each individual allegation in the Complaint and specifically denies that the plaintiff was harmed in any amount or manner as a result of an act or omission of the responding defendant.”

In addition, Rocky claimed that Relli’s injuries were caused “solely, directly and immediately by the negligent and/or willful acts or omissions” of another person. Additionally, Rocky claimed that Relli “did not exercise reasonable care to avoid the consequences of damage.”

Additionally, Rocky’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, called Relli’s lawsuit an “extortion attempt.”

“Rocky has committed no crime. It was an attempted blackmail by a former employee who threatened to make false criminal charges if Rocky didn’t pay him. What will become abundantly clear from the facts and evidence over the coming months is that Rocky is innocent of these allegations.”

A$AP Rocky’s latest court orders

Accordingly Daily Mail, Rocky was absent from the case’s most recent court hearing on Tuesday. Despite this, Judge Kerry White scheduled a preliminary hearing for June 5.

Rocky, who is still out on his $550,000 bail, is expected to attend the court hearing. In addition, Judge White will decide whether the alleged shooting case will go to trial.

The rapper is facing two counts of assault with a semi-automatic firearm. In addition, he could “serve up to four years in prison at a time” if convicted. As Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon previously explained, the alleged shooting “could have had tragic consequences, not only for the target but for innocent bystanders visiting Hollywood.”

In addition, the district attorney stated that there had been a “thorough review, not the evidence in this case” and that A$AP Relli’s “particular firearms allegation was warranted.”

As previously reported by The Shade Room, Rocky is expecting his second child with his girlfriend Rihanna. Accordingly TMZThe couple welcomed their first child, a baby boy, on May 13, 2022 in Los Angeles.

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